• Paddy » ধান : 1500 1300
  • Rice » চাউল : 3400 2450
  • Wheat » ঘেহু : 2000 1800
  • Masur Dal » মচুৰ দাইল : 5800 5000
  • Bengal Gram Dal » বুট দাইল : 6000 5700
  • Mustard Oil » মিঠাতেল : 9715 8710
  • Green Chilly » কেচা জলকীয়া : 5500 5000
  • Onion » পিয়াজ : 2100 1700
  • Potato » আলু : 1800 1700


The Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board is committed towards smooth and orderly development of agricultural marketing in the State. The Board is constituted with a Chairman and 17 (seventeen) other members to be nominated by the State Government as follows:

Functions of the Board

  • The Board shall subject to the provisions of this Act and without prejudice to the provisions of section 3 (10), perform the following functions and do such things as may be necessary or expedient for carrying out these functions, namely
    1. Coordination of the working of the Market Committees and other affairs thereof including programmes undertaken by such Market Committees for the development of markets and market areas
    2. Undertake the State level planning of the development of Agricultural produce and Markets
    3. Administer the Marketing Board Fund
    4. Giving direction to Market Committees in general or to any Market Committee in particular with a view to ensure improvement thereof
    5. Any other functions specifically entrusted to the Board under this Act
    6. Any other functions that may be entrusted to the Board by the State Government under this Act
  • Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions of the functions of the Board shall be
    1. To approve proposals for selection of new site by the Market Committees for establishment of Principal market yard or sub-market yard
    2. To approve proposal for constructing infrastructural facilities in the Market area
    3. To supervise and guide the Market Committees in the preparation of plans and estimates of construction programme undertaken by the Market Committee
    4. To execute all works chargeable to the Boards fund
    5. To maintain accounts in such forms as may be formulated and get the same audited
    6. To set up separate Marketing Extension Cell in the Board for transfer of marketing technology and extension services and also to make necessary arrangement by the Board for propaganda and publicity on matters related to regulated marketing of an Agricultural Produce
    7. To prepare and adopt annual budget for the ensuing year
    8. To do such other lawful things as may be considered necessary for carrying out theprovisions of this Act

Functions of the Chairman of the Board

  • The Chairman of the Board shall be responsible for the administration of the Assam Agricultural Produce Market Act, 1972 as amended from time to time and shall subject to any other provisions as may be prescribed and the bye-laws framed, exercise general control over the employees of the Board and Market Committees
  • The other powers and functions of the Chairman shall be such as may be prescribed

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