• Paddy » ধান : 3500 2200
  • Rice » চাউল : 2500 2150
  • Wheat » ঘেহু : 6200 3600
  • Masur Dal » মচুৰ দাইল : 9800 9300
  • Bengal Gram Dal » বুট দাইল : 7000 6500
  • Mustard Oil » মিঠাতেল : 9500 9000
  • Green Chilly » কেচা জলকীয়া : 6000 6000
  • Onion » পিয়াজ : 1800 1570
  • Potato » আলু : 1300 1100

Right to Information Act, 2005

Objective/purpose of the organisation:

To provide for better regulation of buying and selling of agricultural produce and establishment of market for the purpose in the State of Assam.

Mission statement :

The mission of the organisation is to build up a mechanism to regulate the prices of agricultural produces so that the farmers get remunerative price in a market setup under the market regulation scheme with provisions for open auction and facilities for storage, grading, standardisation and packaging. In order to bring about market efficiency, attempts will be made to provide market information to the growers and other market participants in arriving at reasonable trading decision.

Brief History:

The Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board (ASAMB), Guwahati, an apex body of regulated market committees at the state level, was established in 1976, under Section 3 of the Assam Agricultural Produce Market Act, 1972. Initially, in 1976 four Jute growing areas namely, Gauripur (now known as Dhubri District Regulated Market Committee), Howly (now known as Howly Regulated Market Committee), Dhing (now known as Dhing Regulated Market Committee) and Kharupetia (now known as Darrang District Regulated Market Committee) were brought under the purview of the Act and principal market yards were declared in these places. Subsequently nine sub-markets yards namely, Bilasipara, Mancachar, Chapar, Barpeta Road, Rupahi, Roha, Ambagan, Lalpool and Banglagarh were declared under the above mentioned markets. Next year on August 3, Furkating (now known as Golaghat Regulated Market Committee) was declared as a principal market yard. In 1981, principal market yards were declared in Bongalmara (now known as North Lakhimpur Regulated Market Committee) and Baharihat (now known as Baharihat Regulated Market Committee). In 1985, Goreswar (now known as Rangia Sub-Divisional Regulated Market Committee) and Kamalabari (now Jorhat District Regulated Market Committee with PMY at Titabor) were declared as principal market yards. Later principal market yards were declared in Lanka (known as Lanka Regulated Market Committee), Bijaynagar (now known as Guwahati Sub-Divisional Market Committee), Silapathar (now known as Dhemaji District Regulated Market Committee) and Dhekiajuli (now known as Sonitpur District Regulated Market Committee). In October, 1987, another ten sub-market yards were declared in Rangia, Kalgachia, Sarbhog, Bhakatpara, Udalguri, Dergaon, Dakhin Hengera, Barpathar, Sarupathar and Mandia.

So far all together 20 principal market yards and 206 sub-market yards have been declared.


As per the provision of the Assam Agricultural Produce Market Act, 1972 (as amended up to 2006), the Board shall perform the following functions and shall have power to do such things as may be necessary or expedient for carrying out these functions.

  • To coordinate the functioning of the Market Committees including programmes undertaken by such Market Committees for the development of markets and market areas.
  • To undertake State level planning of the development of agricultural produce markets.
  • To maintain and administer the Marketing Board Fund.
  • To give advise to Market Committees in general or any Market Committee in particular with a view to ensuring improvement in functioning thereof.
  • To supervise and guide the Market Committees in preparation of plans and estimates of construction programme undertaken by them.
  • To make necessary arrangements for propaganda and publicity on matters relating to marketing of agricultural produce.
  • To grant subventions or loans to Market Committees for the purposes of this Act on such terms and conditions as it may determine.
  • To arrange or organise seminars, workshops, exhibitions on subject relating to agricultural marketing.
  • To do such other things as may be of general interest relating to marketing of agricultural produce.
  • To carry out any other function specifically entrusted to it by this Act.
  • To carry out such other functions of like nature as may be entrusted to it by the State Government.
The Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board is committed towards smooth and orderly development of agricultural marketing in the State.



The Board is constituted with a Chairman and 17 (seventeen) other members nominated by the State Government. The Chief Executive Officer is the Member-Secretary of the Board.

1 One Chairman Chairman
2 Secretary, Agriculture Department, Assam Member
3 Director of Agriculture, Assam Member
4 Director of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry, Assam Member
5 Director of Panchayat, Assam Member
6 Director of Municipal Administration, Assam Member
7 Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Assam Member
8 Representative of the Marketing Adviser, Government of India, posted at Guwahati Member
9 One agriculturist member of the Market Committees- to be nominated by the Chairman of the Board Member
10 One representative from Agricultural Farming Corporations formed under the Assam Agricultural Farming Corporation Act, 1973 Member
11 Progressive producers- to be nominated by the Chairman of the Board Member
12 Progressive producers- to be nominated by the Chairman of the Board Member
13 One licensee- to be nominated by the Chairman of the Board Member
14 One from amongst the members of the Cooperative Marketing Societies (represented in the Market Committee)- to be nominated by the Chairman of the Board Member
15 One trader of Agricultural Produce of a Market Committee to be nominated by the Chairman of the Board Member
16 Three nos. of Chairman from the Market Committees to be nominated by the Chairman of the Board Member
17 Chief Executive Officer of the Board Member-Secretary

  • Organisational setup

  • Monitoring:

    • The Chairman shall exercise overall supervision on the Market Committees. He shall review the working and progress of the Market Committees and place such review before the Board for consideration and decision to be taken there under.

    • The Chief Executive Officer of the Board shall exercise supervision and control over the officers and staff employed by the Board and the Market Committees in matters of administration, execution of works, maintenance of accounts and records of the Board and disposal of all questions relating to the service matters of the employees subject to the approval of the Chairman of the Board.


    Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board

    Ram Krishna Mission Road, Ulubari,

    Guwahati- 781 007

    Telephone: (0361) 2130187 :: Fax: (0361) 2130183

    E-mail: assam.samb@gmail.com :: Website: http://asamb.in

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