• Paddy » ধান : 3500 2200
  • Rice » চাউল : 2500 2150
  • Wheat » ঘেহু : 6200 3600
  • Masur Dal » মচুৰ দাইল : 9800 9300
  • Bengal Gram Dal » বুট দাইল : 7000 6500
  • Mustard Oil » মিঠাতেল : 9500 9000
  • Green Chilly » কেচা জলকীয়া : 6000 6000
  • Onion » পিয়াজ : 1800 1570
  • Potato » আলু : 1300 1100

Right to Information Act, 2005

Procedure in decision making process and channels of supervision and accountability

    Procedure followed to take a decision for various matters:-

There are five wings namely, Development, Engineering, Information & Publicity, Accounts and Establishment in the Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board. Proposals are prepared by the concerned wing. After assessing and analysing at various levels competent authority takes the decision in accordance with the provisions of the Act, Rules and Bye-laws, Government circular/notifications, Court judgement and necessity.

    Documented procedures/ laid down procedures/ defined criteria/ rules to arrive at a particular decision for important matters:-

Government procedures, provisions of the Assam Agriculturl Produce Market Act, 1972 (as amended from time to time) and the Assam Agricultural Produce Markets (General) Rules, 1975 are followed in taking decisions on important matters.

    Different levels through which a decision process moves:-

Decisions taken by the competent authority are executed in the Board and the Market Committees.

    Arrangements to communicate the decision process to the public:-

Press breafing, public meetings, website of the Board (http://asamb.in), print media, other electronic media, e-mail, post, telephone, fax.

    Officers at various levels whose opinions are sought for the process of decision making:-

Opinions of the concerned officers are necessarily taken. However, the competent authority may seek opinions of other officers also if need be.

    The final authority on decision:-

The Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board is the final authority in taking any decision.

    Important matters on which decision is taken by the Public Authority:-


Subject on which the decision is to be taken

The Assam State Agricultural Marketing Board takes decision on following important matters:-

  • Coordination of the working of the Market Committees and other affairs thereof including programmes undertaken by such Market Committees for the development of markets and market areas;
  • State level planning of the development of Agricultural produce and Markets;
  • Administration of the Marketing Board Fund;
  • Iimprovement of Market Committees;
  • Proposals for selection of new site by the Market Committees for establishment of principal market yard or sub-market yard;
  • Proposal for constructing infrastructural facilities in the market area;
  • Separate marketing extension cell in the Board for transfer of marketing technology and extension services and also to make necessary arrangement by the Board for propaganda and publicity on matters related to regulated marketing of an agricultural produce;
  • Annual budget for the ensuing year;
  • Any other lawful things as may be considered necessary for carrying out the provisions of this Act.

Process of execution

The decisions of the Board are executed by the Chief Executive Officer through concerned wings.
3 Designations of officers involved in decision making with contact numbers List of officers of the Board with designation and contact numbers
4 If not satisfied by the decision, wher and how to appeal The competent authority may be appealed for reconsideration of earlier decision by the Board.

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