• Paddy » ধান : 3500 2200
  • Rice » চাউল : 2500 2150
  • Wheat » ঘেহু : 6200 3600
  • Masur Dal » মচুৰ দাইল : 9800 9300
  • Bengal Gram Dal » বুট দাইল : 7000 6500
  • Mustard Oil » মিঠাতেল : 9500 9000
  • Green Chilly » কেচা জলকীয়া : 3000 2500
  • Onion » পিয়াজ : 4500 4500
  • Potato » আলু : 1700 1700

Right to Information Act, 2005

The Board and the Regulated Market Committees maintain and preserve documents and records as per Schedule under Rule 32 of the Assam Agricultural Produce Markets (General) Rules, 1975 (as amended in 2003).

Rule 32 : Preservation of records:-





5 years

General Cash Book


Establishment Bill

35 years
General Bills 3 years

Balance Sheet

10 years


10 years

Register of Deposits


Application Form


Returns of Daily Purchase and Sales

1 year after Audit


3 years
Register of Sale and Purchase of Agricultural Produce 10 years

Register of Licence

10 years

Provident Fund Register

10 years or till all accounts or which it relates are closed

Service Books of the Employees

5 years after retirement or death (whichever is earlier)

Register of Proceedings of the Board Or Committee or Sub-Committee Permanently
Register of Correspondence Permanently
Cheque Book 10 years
Pass Book 10 years
Travelling Allowance Bill 3 years
Lease Deeds Allowance Bill 10 years from the date they cease to have effect.
Security Bonds 10 years from the date they cease to have effect.
Treasury Challan 3 years
Interest Account Register 3 years
Attendance Register 1 year
Moveable Property Register 10 years
Library Register 10 years
Demand and Collection Register 10 years
Register of Stamps 3 years
Stock Register 10 years
Register of Court Cases 10 years
Investment Register Permanently
Files about the Appointment, Removal, and Dismissal of employees 35 years
Other Record which the Board or Committee may decide to preserve for more than three years Such period (not less than 10 years) as may be prescribed by the Board or the Committee

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